El Cambio NC

"One Hope, One Dream"

the history



Mission Statement

We are a grassroots organization based in Yadkin County dedicated and committed to the establishment of an immigrant and minorities’ rights movement in the state of North Carolina that upholds the values of education, justice, and equality for all people.


1) Inform the communities of concerning legislations through strategic action, concentrated organizing, and the proud sharing of testimonies.

2) Civically engage the community within the thirteen districts of North Carolina for the fulfillment of education, justice, and equality for all people.

3) Recognize the uniqueness, potential, and value of each individual with the principles of integrity, frugality, sincerity, and humility.

4) Serve the world by participating in necessary state-wide and national campaigns.

5) Recruit, motivate, and develop leaders to carry on the Mission of El Cambio.


Our Story

El Cambio was created on July 4th, 2010, during the annual Independence Day Festival in Yadkinville, NC by means of a single clip board and a sign-up sheet. By the end of the day six youth had signed up to be part of a positive change in the Yadkin community. Two weeks later we had our first interest meeting where seventy-two students filled up a classroom and learned the Principles of Organizing.

Immediately, we launched our first civic engagement campaign, successfully registering around 600 new voters across the Piedmont-Triad and turning first time voters out to the polls. Shortly after, Congresswoman Virginia Foxx contacted us and arranged a private luncheon in downtown Yadkinville. El Cambio then decided to organize for the DREAM Act and became an affiliate of the United We Dream Network. During this time, we sponsored countless actions including a Candle-lit Vigil inside Congressman Brad Miller’s Office in Greensboro, solidifying his “yes” vote, a DREAM Act Press Conference in front of Senator Kay Hagan’s Greensboro Office, a Die-In direct action inside Senator Richard Burr’s Office in Winston Salem, and finally our “Let Us Serve” DREAM Act Rally in downtown Yadkinville when one of our members publicly declared his legal status of being undocumented, putting a local face to the national issue.

During this time, we were featured in several media outlets including The Winston-Salem Journal, the Carolina Peacemaker, Que Pasa Media, WXII, Fox 8 News, El Norte, and the Huffington Post. Today, the organization is comprised of local youth, in their respective county chapters. Most importantly, the organization proudly continues to function through the dedication of warm-hearted volunteers.

Our Programs

El Cambio leads three projects at all times; one national, one state-wide, and one local. Our current programs are:                                   

a)     Local: Know Your Rights Trainings. El Cambio works to train those who are being racially profiled in local counties on what to do when interviewed by an officer in hopes to initiate the dismantling of fear that exists in our immigrant community.


b)    State-Wide: In-State Tuition Campaign. El Cambio works to challenge educative limitations in postsecondary institutions that dehumanize and criminalize immigrants. This campaign calls on all Board of Education members, Congressional Representatives and Senators, and the allies of the community to courageously defend the right to an equal opportunity of education.



c)     National: Education Not Deportation Campaign. El Cambio works to hold President Obama accountable for the increase of student deportations underneath his administration by directly influencing cases and their outcome to halt the deportations of DREAM Act beneficiaries until the DREAM Act passes.