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Current Scholarship Links

These are the links to general scholarship applications that we find directly beneficial to our constituents in North Carolina. Yes, there are many scholarship packets available elsewhere, but these have been reviewed for the "right" qualification of those who we aim to protect. In accordance, receiving aid is merely a numbers game; the more you apply for, the more possibilities.



 NCLR-Lideres - High School Senior Advocates for Community Empowerement among Hispanics (June 1, 2012)


NC Hispanic College Fund - Hispanic background. (Closed)


Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers - Major in science, technology, engineering, or math. (Closed)


Hispanic League - Must have taken ESL course in Forsyth County. (Closed)


Que LLueva Cafe - Must be current high school student. (Closed)


Davis Putter - active participation for civil rights. (Closed)


Jack Kent Cooke - outstanding community college students transferring to universities. (Closed)


The Fountainhead Essay - Read the book, write the essay, get $10k. (Closed) 




Didn't find any that you qualify for? No Worries! Life is about moving on, so here is the link to many more scholarships that are available at a national level. This list is much more time-consuming, but if you truly desire to pursue your dreams, investing time in this should not be a conundrum. Click the Link below:

DREAM Scholarships