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"One Hope, One Dream"

how to Get Involved

Here are the varying methods in which you can make a change and take part in history towards national efforts. Depending on your time involved and ability to effectively carry it out, decide which type of action to incorporate into your own organization. Note that the parentheses (example campaign) indicate the type of campaign that is being addressed.



(Undocumented Students) Share your Story:

Declare your status in an informative session or a college campus panel discussion. This method substantially benefits the movement as it humanizes the issue and further removes misconceptions of inequality. The main goal is to settle speculations by allowing interaction with those unaware of the situation. Media provides help by magnifying the publicity while also indirectly encouraging constituents to become involved.

Message one of our members under the "Contact Us" tab if you would like to know how to organize a rally or forum in your own town or college campus.



(General Immigrants' Rights) Raise Online Awareness:

Subscribe to national listserves that continually update the community on current legislations, announcements, campaigns, etc. As you subscribe, you become connected and are therefore an outlet in your area. The first steps of campaigns begin with raising awareness of the issue, this is primarily accomplished through social networking sites.

Consider using the following as a method to receive online strategies and updates, then publicize your own events or encourage individuals to sign your own petitions through facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.

National Immigration Law Center



United We Dream



(Undocumented Students) Sign Online Petitions:

Here are a couple links to online petitions, one signature goes a long way in the same way that one vote elects an official. Let us know about your own online petitions and how to have them featured on our site. If you would like to know how to create them, message our members.

Tell Obama to stop deporting Dreamers (Ongoing)

Help Gustavo come home for Christmas (RELEASED)

Cesar's parents beg for your help (RELEASED)

Hadi from California needs you (RELEASED)

Help Al Okere, she will face persecution in Nigeria (Ongoing)

Carlos is a Dreamer, can you help? (Deported)

Last hours for Uriel Alberto, beloved father. (RELEASED)

Sign and Share for Jordana! (Temporarily RELEASED for 9 months)

Victoria is 14 years old and in Deportation Proceedings (Ongoing)



(Undocumented Students) Call/Write to your Elected Officials:

Recognize that you are the one who's in charge of notifying Congressional Representatives and Senators that potential assets to the state are being denied the right to an education and denied the right to serve the country through military enrollment. Consider amplifying the impact by organizing a phone banking session with your contacts.  

Find your elected official and write a letter




(General Immigrants' Rights) Lobby your Congressional Representatives/Senators:

The most direct and effective way to notify your elected officials of your campaign is to schedule face-to-face meetings. This method serves multipurposes; your issue becomes known, the officials' political position is determined, and you are given direct objections from which to build upon. Determine your District Representative and Senators to schedule an appointment.

Message the organization under the "Contact Us" tab to be trained to have a successful lobbying session.



(General Immigrants and Minorities' Rights) Build a Coalition:

A coalition is most effective because it organizes different organizations from the state to put forth a unified effort in a common goal. Mergence is necessary especially during legislative sessions, which are crucial times for Phone Banking Sessions, Sending Letters of Business Endorsement, etc. This development of political and investors' relationships solidifies the alteration of the position on policies by current North Carolina General Assembly Senators and Representatives alike.

Message our members about your intended campaign and the allies affiliated.




(Undocumented Students) El Cambio Congressional Training:

 An intense two-day training that occurs once a year designed to establish organization chapters in neighboring cities in order to magnify the direct impact on the targeted decision-maker(s). Methods include teaching principles of organizing, effective tactics, recruitment coordination, leadership development, and succesful networking among others. The focus is altered depending on the year's priority.

Message the organization with concerns regarding our 2012 In-State Tuition Campaign for Qualified Undocumented youth in NC.


(Undocumented Students) Submit an Opinion-Editorial

This form allows personal opinions regarding the matter be expressed and published freely beside columnist and editorial works. This is sent to the "Op-Ed" page via email to the Community Department (specific names will vary depending on the publishers.) The short essay must follow main keys to be effective at sending a meaningful message: Be brief, introduce a solid idea, use newsworthy facts, and link the message to a local event.

For more tips, contact our members.


(General Immigrants' Rights) Know Your Rights Training:

El Cambio works to train those who are being racially profiled in local counties on what to do when interviewed by an officer in hopes to initiate the dismantling of fear that exists in our immigrant community. This is part of our local 2012 campaign, which targets discriminatory legislations such as 287g and S-Com. The training is directed by principles established by the American Friends Service Committee.